Fred For Your Head
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Insult and Live

Insult and Live!

"If you need an insult, buy Reiss!"

- Playboy Magazine


You no longer have to be a victim! With Insult and Live! you finally can get the last word in on a rude jerk

  • Hundreds and hundreds of stage-tested and proven insults.

  • 452-pages packed with drawings that will help you identify and target every loser in the world by their specific markings, psychological makeup, phrases, and traits.

Lavishly illustrated by the twisted pen of Ron Winnick, and others by Dan Wedeking. 15.95



Fred walks the walk and talks the talk on national TV.


 Insults Work

Why are insults effective?

A self-centered loser loves drama. They views their flaws as strengths.

That's what makes their ego an easy target.


But why should you insult anyone?

Well, sometimes the moment DEMANDS an insult!


Become a Fred For Your Head University graduate.

Buy Insult and Live! directly from Fred Reiss. Mail a check or do paypal for $15 (free shipping ) and get it signed and personally inscribed with an insult: PO Box 733, Mount Hermon, CA 95041.