Fred For Your Head

Grow a Set: Balls Out Funny

Grow A Set: Balls Out Funny

(Only available as an eBook.)




Grab cancer by the short hairs!

My self-help testicular cancer joke guide is an eBook on Amazon!

I've been there twice!

Life is not an exit interview.




Grow A Set will help anyone who has any type of cancer or is a caregiver or an oncologist or nurse. My goal: to provide the emotional weapons that got me through the cancer war zone to those who are enduring and suffering through chemo and radiation and fighting the most heroic battle there is: fight for your life.

Funny and cancer? Why? Because being funny defines the moment. It shows you're never overwhelmed by a process. You maintain your dignity. And when you maintain your dignity, you reinvigorate the sense of who you are, and that you have a life worth fighting for. 9.99


Fred proves cancer can be funny.





Travel to your heart and the world will follow you to find the joy in The All of Everybody.

And never forget the nurses who took care of you!