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Gidget Must Die

Gidget Must Die


“Gidget Must Die is a witty, surreal, and insulting text laced with keen perceptions and dead-on portraits of our sport’s archetypes. Make no mistake about it, this guy Fred Reiss is sick. I recommend GMD for a hundred or so other reasons.This is Big Wednesday with teeth big enough for carnivores."

- Drew Kampion, editor of Surfer’s Path



Fred made me laugh and squirm through the Malibu culturati. I choked on the asphalt fumes of PCH, and breathed the salt spray of the “Bu” again. I’m with him in the pre-dawn perfection, taking off until—but let Reiss tell it. He’ll suck you over the falls with his wild surf yarn (Or is it?).”

- John Severson, founder of Surfer Magazine



Gidget Must Die. A killer surf novel with a heart. It's 30 years later. A surf legend returns to Malibu to kill everyone in the Gidget movie for ruining his surf spot. 14.95





Gidget Must Die prologue...


I’m possessed by a nostalgic tidal pull toward a time period I never lived in. A Period where the Malibu Pit Crew surfed uncrowded perfection in the clean blue California ocean during the forties and fifties. They got on their boards and paddled away from America’s most prosperous economic times. The Pit Crew didn’t care.

They just surfed. Malibu was wide open then. They drank cheap wine and waffled girls in the shade of a palm-frond beach shack. They slept on the beach at night. Lived out of beaten-up pick-up trucks, cars, and rotting-wood-paneled station wagons. They earned money by renting surfboards, collecting deposit bottles, or scouring for loose change in the sand. They ate abalone, lobster, crabs and rock cod. I’ll take their life over the present.

Most people mistakenly believe these surfers were characters from a movie entitled The Gidget. But these guys actually existed and lived the life. And I don’t care whether the Malibu Pit Crew’s world was misconceived, and escapist subculture, or whatever shorthand phrase the limited, uninspired and frustrated use to dismiss the pulse of an unfulfilled dream. I’ll still take their Malibu world over anything.

Water is the fire of desire.


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