Fred For Your Head

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Pre-order Today Cancer Tomorrow The World...and then some. CD. Selections from Today Cancer Tomorrow The World and Grow A Set: Balls Out Funny,


Pre-order Fred's CD: $15



Today Cancer Tomorrow The World..and then some

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Fred reads 24 selections from his two cancer works, Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, and the eBook Grow A Set: Balls Out Funny. Plus, a CD Bonus Track of a Fred stand-up performance. Hearing Fred read these selections shows the power, emotion, and empowering within his prose. Plus Bonus track of his stand-up performance,

In March 2016, Fred was diagnosed with Stage Two esophageal cancer. Over the next five months, he will be undergoing chemo, then an operation, and chemo again. Fred appreciates your support in any way. And wishes you good health.

You can pre-order through paypal or send a $15 chck or money order to Fred Reiss, PO box 733, Mount Hermon, CA.


When it comes to fighting cancer, Fred wants to be your enabler!