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Stand-up Comedy Today

An insight into the younger comedy crowd. One night, I watched an high-energy gay act, and being gay was his way of presenting his act. And the younger audience went with him to show support for his gay perspective, even though the jokes were kinda typical. Then it hit me. The younger crowd want to think everyone is the same in their generation, but they haven’t been screwed yet by their own or others just yet, so they get behind any performer that represents a politically correct cause—a lesbian or homosexual talking about gay rights, a Mid-eastern comic about discrimination, a black guy talking about racism, a woman talking about Me-too or women’s rights, or discrimination from men or male chauvinism, fat people talking about shaming but doing the same fat jokes. All of these are causes, or ideologies, not art. Life is far more complex. In their quest to be different, they are generic and lack individuality.

But if a performer don’t embody a cause, and talk about the difference of people and their hypocrisies, this younger audience filters those comments through these causes, and either judge you, or feel if they laugh they are somehow validating racism, sexism, fat-shaming, or whatever. And worse, think you’re part of the problem.

The only way they will get out of this closed minded moralistic and censorious alleged open-mindedness rut is getting older, losing their job, having their hearts broken, getting burned by people within their generation, and being broke and having their convictions supported by a life instead of a steady income. When will they become their own person instead of a supporter.

Fred Reiss