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The Lesson of Nina Simone

Funny, been listening to Nina Simone's "My Baby Just cares for me." A truly amazing song. She became a train wreck and let the world desto9ry her talent. a lesson to fight to preservation soul in spite of being right or wrong and not getting involved to rise and let the resilience of your talent speak to the strength and power of what life truly represents: you have to have the courage to inspire yourself and not let the bitterness of others or the polemics take what the doctors tried to spank out of you when you cried "I live!"

And now you have to deal with me.

And who have you become?

Self-righteousness is the enemy of the creative spirit, You will lose your art and merely be reduced to a moralist or a lecturer. Live the inspiration! And it's hard, and it hurtsd, but it will sasve you

Fred Reiss