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Spring Fashion for Men: Blazer with a Chemo sack--the trouble is I can only find heels to match it.


The latest in spring fashion, bright blazer, tailored jeans, and a classy shirt--and a chemo man sack...

Water can't be cool. I can handle coffee, hot chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfasts, smoothies. I'm marinating in the healing toxicity of a fresh chemo dose from yesterday. If I cough a sharp pain erupts and propels itself into my eardrums and builds, and it feels like someone is sticking a pointed-syringe-thin metal spike deeply into my ear drums. The pain thrums like a tuning fork of malignancy. But I will not be taken down merely by pain. I tighten my body and embrace the pain, trying to harness its force and direct it to the curly tumor my food tube--and the pain lessens, and I pant, as the vibrations that aren't intimations of immortality.

Tonight I'm looking forward to performing at DNA's Blue Lagoon, which is like a giant Whitman sampler of the comedy scene. Comics come down from SF, the East Bay, and perform in between Santa Cruz regulars. And the locals guys are a pretty dedicated compassionate group.

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