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Understanding the Cancer Battle

A way to understand a person who is going through cancer. It's not a movie but you have to do your own stunts. People will say, "Look forward to when you'll be able to eat, and you're well and can do all the things you used to do." Well none of that works. You are in a battlefield, you've been invaded. There's a predator inside you. A suicide bomber. And you have to take The Bic C out before it taker you. All you can think about is the quarter-inch of a second ahead of you. Any energy that diverts you from the battle is to cancer's advantage. Want to be optimistic, feel sorry for yourself, or get angry? All wasted emotions that will drop your guard slightly because you're taking solace in those thoughts instead of seeing THE REAL BATTLE.

A so you hunt, seething in neutral. Your vision is clear, focused, and hungry. A killing machine.

Fred Reiss