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Today I go for a PET scan. Basically cancer like junk food. So they shoot you through with glucose, so in a way I become a piece of junk food. Glucose turns yellow on the scan, and where there is yellow, especially if its in an organ that doesn;t have any need for glucose, then you know that's where cancer is munching out. This is the one time in life I don;t want to light up like as Christmas tree

So i feel like a guy who is lying on his back after his parachute didn't open. I'm slowly moving to see if I've broken anything. Eating with chemo is like having a condom on your tongue that's not ribbed for your pleasure. Fortunately, Spinach and broccoli stil taste terrible so I must have sone taste buds left.

So I'm walking past everyone that's going everywhere else, and ahead I see a toll gate in the shape of the PET Scan, which will tell me if the cancer has been reduced, and if cancer has spread to other organs. This scan will help the surgeon determine how much to carve and remove from me..

All I can do is hope it's shrunk, and work to get stronger so when the surgeon cuts into me I'm a good, solid cut of meat.

Fred Reiss