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I know you are but where am I?

What's it like where I am in the chemo-cancer world. You're in the atmosphere between the world of the healthy and the world of nothingness. It's a mental tightrope. But I'm in an atmosphere in a different plane--ands it's not mental or physical, it's a terrain. ANd I'm walking point for myself. I'm coiled and ready. Whatever comes at me, I take down, and in a way, I guess I have a kinda mental snorkel so I can still feel the others in my life and draw on their strength and support so I can survive in this batle longer without drowning and disappearing into nothingness below. I inhale very deep and never have to hold my breath.

There's as shadow approaching, circling me, I keep turning to meet it, and it flits away, afraid to hit me head on, because I know what to do when it comes at me. It might be in my throat, but I will still choke the life out of it while I'm still breathing in all the life coming into me.

I will surface, and its lifeless body will slowly circle, sink and disappear in the darkness,

Fred Reiss