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Springsteen should have played in North Carolina


Ok, think about this. Springsteen doing "Dancing In The Dark" with a transgendered person in North Carolina at his concert. It would be a more powerful message of love than canceling a concert on moral grounds! Bruce you're taking yourself too seriously. And I grew up in Freehold, NJ 07728


Bruce was wrong to cancel his North Carolina show. Music liberates! He should have sung. Look at it this way, should we cancel the next Olympics if we disagree with the country, the message of sports promotes and is beyond politics, but brings about the discussion, just like music. Sorry, Can't go with Bruce on this. North Carolina's situation was created by billionaires and Koch money *(Read "Dark MOney"). He could have educated instead of preached.Carolina supposed to move to a state he approves of?

Sorry Boss. Music promotes diversity. Silence promotes division!

Hell he sings "41 shots" in Madison Square Garden to cops. Where does one draw the line. Are his fans in North Carolina supposed to move to state he approves of?

Music liberates. Silence separates and alienates.

Fred Reiss