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Karma: a different Carma

I recently went to small court and lost against a car repair place that trashed my car. I won't bore with with the back story.

But after it was over, we left the court . I didn't say anything to the two guys in their jump suits. They walked always pumped up.

And all I thought was, you won but you really lost, because you went in there and lied. You lost and you don't know it. You lost because you weren't fair.

But people see the world of work as a sport where you can commit a foul because there's no referee and winning is everything.

Well, it's not.

Hey, cancer taught me to fight the right fight. I didn't lose anything of myself. And they became liars and cheats. I never expected to win--if you are goign after someone with more money than you in court, you usually lose, they have a chance to play cards you don;t have in your deck. But you have to fight.

And leave a mark. And as they congratulate themselves, they still have my mark on them, a punch of a scar that said, "You lied. And that's what you are.

I have bigger battles. Theirs has just begun and they don't know it yet'

Fred Reiss