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Hail Tubby The Tuba and the Hell with Alice In Wonderland

Who can I find to fight for me, for it starts with me. And where do I go? Way back to Fred who pantomimed records as a little kid, and did a little dance--that first movement of the spirit kicking to life inside me, awakened. Some are born with it but let it die inside them, or are told to ignore it's callings, or because of dutifully facing responsibility and taking care or or raising a family cannot follow it, but raise or help others to acheieve it.
Well, there was kid who got excited by The Little Engine That Could, who got mad that the band picked on Tubby The Tuba, and who thought Alice in Wonderfland was stupid (A book thatg givesd overeducated people with dysfunctional parents the illusion they had a childhood--the Nutcracker is the same thing.) And so driving in my car, sitting, iolsated and floating on my back in consciousness, and smiling, I always make a liottle movement to sopme music and it summons forth thatr Fred, the Fred who thought there was nothing the world could defeat in him as long as he had the Little Engine That Could taking up ther Hill and singing Tubby The Tuba's triumphant little song that proved he could become symphony with a life coach who was a frog!
Who wants to go down a rabbit hole after the legs of love open you out the world reaches in and pulls you kicking and screaming into this wonder and then it smacks you--well, I'll take the hit, but that's their reality not mine and never will be,
So when I move, that Fred comes to me with nothing bujt heroes, good surf, dancing with girls, laughing, and damn in, holding my mark as ther world and I laugh together in triumph, because anyone can be smart, but who can be happy for themselves and everyone else! The world will never take us away from outselves because they feed each oither, we're not hiding. We hear bullets and are't stupid enough to take them on standing up, we'll crawl low, and then the evil thinkjs it took us out, we wait for it to claim usm then pop up and return fire deep into its screaming darkness, wtahcinhg swirl and flush itself away,
Cancer, and fear, thought you had me.
Yeah, that's what I'm counting on....

Fred Reiss