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Didn't Throw a Punch But landed one

Kinda crashed out today. I've learned to listen to the body. On the plus side, I',m still able to eat certain foods, and I can read. Tomorrow I'll be at the Hallcrest Vineyards in Felton (12-5) and on Sunday, so if anyone wants to drop by and say hello and buy some great Pinot or one of my books, I welcome it.

In today's round, I didn't throw any punches, I walked up to cancer, gave him my stinkeye and the beast pummeled me with body blows, and I felt the cramps and the wooziness, and coughed and fought the possible geyser of vomiting from the gray pit of my stomach.

And Cancer kept hitting, stomach, mouth, ringing my ears, stomping on my feet, numbing them,

But I stood there, an inch away, arms down, defying its mutation to knock me down.

I didn't budge.

Then when the bell rang, with blistered lips and a sore throat I snarled without sa trasce of fear and total contempt "I'm still here."

I went back to my corner, where all my friends were who offered support, and I sat there.

Cancer sat alone in thuggish silence, to dumb to be bewildered, too dark to see light.

"What are your going to do now?"

Cancer's mouthed head turned. It didn't know where the voice came from.

I was behind him, leaning over, "I said what are you going to do now for useless piece of shit."

I feel the cautious thrall of potential but tempered triumph.

"I'm on to you, I'm on to you!" I said, "Just to prove, now it's your turn not to see me coming."

Welcome to the dark fighting world of the stand-up guy!

Fred Reiss