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Who is the typical Trump supporter?" A Fredly answer

It took me awhile to figure out who the typical Trump males are.


Then it came to me.


After 9/11 there were guys driving aropund in trucks displaying American flags and looking forward to beating up anyone with a turban. But, they would never have the courage to enlist and actually fight.

Jump some innocent person, beat them up shouting pro-Ameerican slogans, then run away before the cops come,

That's Trump--and that's them!

Hey, when you see those angry guys talking asbout making America great again, how come they're not at work. Or why aren;t they enlisting in the Army to prover their patriotism? Because, like The Donald, in they're heart of hearts like all bullies, when it comes right down to it, they're cowards.

What created the need for this Putsch for a Putz is gerrymandering districts and using billionaire money to upset local elections so a guy who's linked-in skill is somewhere between knowing how to run a pain-can shaking machine or towing-away cars could defeat a three-time legislator by claiming they're socialist, pro-tax, and believe in climate change,'

GOP falsely assumed these new representatives would take their side. But guess what? These morons didn't feel the need to compromise with Democrats--or Republicans! Why, because the way their districts were realigned gave them job-security!


Fred Reiss