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Why there's political polarization

Here's the Fred Theory on why Dems and Republicans were able to at least talk to each other in the classic way: Many GOP and Democrats who fought in WW2 grew up with a tradition from experience of compromise and mediation, whereaas over time many Dems and Goppers have never served in the military they always pledge to worship and honor, or shared any common cause together thsat equaled being exposed to Americans from all walks of life and from all areas of the country (With the obvious problem of racism, but then again, Johnson was able to pass Civil Rights. more and more our representatives represented fragmented groups that iare completely isolated from other Americans.


That the generation that actually fought the war together had a better concept of their fellow man--unless he was black of course. But they had a life perspective not a policy perspective. These people are pawns being moved by the kingmakers, who have always existed in some form. But there is too wide a gap economically. The rich aren;t paying their fair share. We have guys who are billionaires like the Koch Brothers who get convicted of putting benzene (A carcinogen in the air from their plants to make moneyt becayse the fines arern't asa deep as the profits) as well as billionaires who are already rich and donlt want to pay taxes? Duh. What is this Tale of Two Cities?

Fred Reiss