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Standing Up To Cancer

I'm probably the only performing comedian who is taking chemo in the nation; maybe the world. I told the audience at Sam Weber‘s show at Poet and The Patriot, “When I’m up here I don’t feel sick. I don’t feel chemo’s side effects. I feel me. And that has to help me get better and I thank you.” Plus I had a solid set, and a lot of new material worked almost too well.

I once heard a woman say, “I didn;t mind losing my hair to chemo, but when I lost my eyebrows I freaked out because I lost my face.” Shaving my head doesn;t bother me. You take the iniative. You decide toi get rid of hair, not chemo. But the simple fact, or survival tip is simple: if you;re going to fight cancer you have to leave your looks behind and become something else. If you remain attached to them it lessens your strength to fight the disease. That person doesn’t fit in the battle.


Not too many comics do stand-up while going through chemo. When I’m on the stage I don;t feel sick or chemo, I feel likie the best of me. Arousing that spirit has to be better than merely throwing the oars out of your boat in a storm.

Fred Reiss