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My hero: the cool lovable ghoul: John Zacherle

One of the heroes has died who shaped my life beyond reapir and probably drove me away from the 9-5 crunch of reality to whatever my life became.
There were so many of rhese cool hosts on TV. They ruined me. Soupy Sales, Office Joe Bolton, Chuck McCann, Sandy Becker, Captain Jack McCarthy, Beachcomber Bill, Gene Lond;s Cartoon COrners General store. They were hip, beat, and cool, bringing the world of monsters, Stooges, and twisted hunor into the pliable minds of children–and I’m grateful I was one of them. They were grown man who had fun. There influence was huge on kids. Hell, Zacherle performed with the Grateful Dead. I know all the words to his song “:Dinner with Drac>
When I found out he died and lived such a full life, I smiled in grateful affrection, feeling like I was part of it. The world these men and Zach showed me still lives in my ubncrtiical Little Freddie heart–they kept that guuy alive and safe from the cynical centrists acceptance and compromise of the adult world. I ran to the madness of the rising sun in each day-0-they showed me the light, and nothing will extinguish it. Yes, follow what you love, and it will lead you.
I had to write this–he meant to much to me to read his obit and stop there.
Thank you Zach, thank you!
Zach lives!


Fred Reiss